Grow Personally and Professionally
Top Workplaces Sunera

With a mentorship program for younger hires, in-depth technical training from Sunera staff, and opportunities for fast-track advancement, Sunera encourages its staff to continue growing on the job.  Unlike larger firms, Sunera management gives promotions when they are earned (not only at year’s end), allowing you to advance your career based on merit, not arbitrary timetables.  At Sunera, you have complete control over your future.

Join a Winning Team

We solve client challenges in a tight-knit, multidisciplinary teams.  You’ll work hand-in-hand with resources at all levels and be challenged to develop your skills in a supportive, encouraging environment. Just as you will learn from others in your team, you will be given the opportunity to share your skills and specialties with others.

Embrace Variety

The demand for our services is unprecedented. You will have ample opportunities to apply your skillsets to a wide array of projects and clients. We understand the importance of variety in the workplace and work hard to ensure that every employee is given the chance to participate in interesting, challenging projects across our service lines.  Because of our innovative methodologies, you’ll also get to experience new ways of tackling business and technology challenges.

Balance Work and Life

We believe that employees are happier and more productive if they have control over their work/life balance. All Sunera employees receive generous paid time off annually, plus holidays. And what’s more – you have the freedom to actually use it. Our hours are reasonable, utilization rates realistic, and travel expectations are limited. We know you have a life outside of work, and we make sure you have the time to live it.